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Playmates Toys obtained the Star Trek license in 1992 and went on to produced some of the mose fantastic Star Trek action figures & toys we've ever seen. Starting with the first line action figures from The Next Generation TV Series they quickly became famous for their incredible character likenesses. The line quickly expanded to include the other TV shows, Deep Space 9 (DS9) & Voyager as well as the movies, Generations, First Contact, and Insurrection, so there is something for every Star Trek fan. There's a great selection of 5", 9", and 12" figures plus some very cool accessories & ships. There is a section for each show & movie, plus a special section for the many Star Trek Exclusive figures! Please send an e-mail if you can't find something you are looking for.


The Next Generation

Deep Space Nine (DS9)


The Original Series (TOS)

Star Trek: Generations

Star Trek : First Contact

Star Trek: Insurrection

Star Trek Exclusives

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